GenXS comes out loud and proud with their first band launch in Jamaica (via OurToday)

GenXS comes out loud and proud with their first band launch in Jamaica (via OurToday)

Flights booked for our return to paradise with Michaela Excell (left) and Tianna Wilson (right) (Photo: Shemar-Leslie Louisy/Our Today)

Flights booked and ready for the return to paradise, GenXS carnival, one of Jamaica’s new carnival bands, had its first launch at the AC Hotel in St Andrew last night (December 19).

It was an evening of introductions as the band released the designs for its eight carnival costumes for the road: Chasing Waterfalls, Coral Dreams, Jewel of the Jungle, Luminous Lagoon, Moonlit Orchid, Mystic Peaks, Summer Sunsets, and Sunken Treasure.

Marc Anthony Christian, one of the directors for GenXS, shared with Our Today, the bands thoughts on the evening and their plans leading up to carnival season: 

“I think the band launch afforded us the opportunity to formally introduce ourselves to Jamaica. We wanted to be able to showcase, not only our beautiful costumes, but also our commitment to making carnival an inclusive experience for everyone.”

GenXS costumes on stage (Photo: Shemar-Leslie Louisy/Our Today)

“Jamaica is where we all got our first taste of carnival and fell in love with the festivities and the spirit of community that is carnival. For 2023, you can expect GenXS Carnival to announce huge partnerships and collaborations. Our events calendar will be made available soon and we will have an extensive list of events curated specifically around the “GenXS-perience.” 

Each of the costumes represented a theme of something beautiful about Jamaica that GenXS revellers will get to exemplify on the road next year.

Our Today spoke with some of the attendees at the event and this is what they had to say.

“It was so good, it was high energy, it had an amazing line up and well executed, GenXS is going to bring a whole new era to Jamaica Carnival,” said Quwayne Rose, one of the attendees of the evening.

GenXS, the paradise experience awaits with Christina A. ‘Chriss Choreo’ González (Photo: Shemar-Leslie Louisy/ Our Today)

“Their costumes actually look better than Xodus’ to me; after this I’m curious to see what their other events and road march experience is gonna be like,” said Bethany Johnson, one of the attendees of the evening.

“The production was amazing and you can tell they really want to make an impression not only with the setup but with the DJ lineup as Puffy is one of the greats alongside the rest of [the] amazing DJs,” said soca DJ MattCamps.

DJ MattCamps (left) and DJ Puffy (right) (Photo: Contributed)

“It’s just an honour to be here and I’m just hoping they bring this same energy for road march and any other events they’ll be hosting,” he continued.

Article Source: Our Today

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